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Message from the LOTS Video Team

June 7, 2010

The team that put together the International Seeker Fan Video has posted this message in the forum. I am reposting it here.

Message From the LOTSvideo Team
We here on the LOTSvideo team wanted to let all of you know how much we appreciate the enthusiastic praise that you have given our “Psst…Save Our Seeker…Pass It On” video. When we started the project, our team thought it was a cute idea, but we didn’t know if the final project would be successful. Boy, were we in for a wonderfully pleasant surprise. We have been blown away by your love for the video. At the time this letter was written there were 9,722 views in three days! That’s incredible!

We must thank each fan who participated. You all did a wonderful job, and it truly does look like the sign is being passed from person to person. So, virtual high five to all you guys. We must also pay immense respect to Aleyna Dennis for allowing us to use her “Hey There Seeker” song. It was the perfect accompaniment and she deserves a round of applause for her work.

Now that the video is up, there is much that we can do with it. Be sure to subscribe to the LOTSvideo channel. The more subscribers we have, the bigger our Youtube presence and the more likely we are to be featured on the Youtube home page. Help us raise the view count, leave comments, Like it, Favorite it, and vote for it on Also, send a nicely worded letter to the editors of Youtube asking them to feature the video ( However, we ask that you do not repost the video on your own Youtube channel. We need to consolidate all views of the video to a single channel to help it rise through the rankings and gain outside exposure.

What else can you do to help with getting exposure to the video? Post the video to your Facebook page. Show it to friends or family member who may not know about Legend of the Seeker. Include the link in your letters to ABC and other networks. Send the link to local and national morning news shows. Send the link to talk shows, like Ellen or Regis and Kelly. Send the link to websites that feature viral videos, like Attack of the Show. And Twitter Twitter Twitter.

Because of your responses and comments, the LOTSvideo team has been busy brainstorming about our next steps. And we have many ideas we’d love to see put into action. In fact, we’d like to become the home of fan collaboration videos for the LOTS fandom, with the Pass It On movement as our flagship enterprise. We have gotten many comments from people wishing they could have participated in the Pass It On video themselves. We’ve gotten so many actually, that we’ve decide to Keep Submission Open for Pass It On video segments. As we get enough responses to fill the four minute Hey There Seeker song (which is about 16), we’ll post a response video with the new segments. We’ve already gotten one, so keep them coming. You will need to follow the guidelines in the original submission thread, which means you will need access to a printer.

This being our first attempt at a collaboration video, we learned many things. One thing we learned was that if your video becomes popular on Youtube, we will be invited to put advertisements on the video page and any time a viewer clicks the advertisement from your video, the channel will earn 0.01 cents. That doesn’t seem like much, but it is a potential fundraising avenue that doesn’t rely on donations. There is a BIG however though. The Pass It On and Markers videos are ineligible because there can be absolutely NO copyrighted material in the video. So no images, no non-original music, no clips from the show. Since even the name “Legend of the Seeker” is copyrighted, it would be difficult to create a fan video that doesn’t break this rule. Therefore! The LOTSvideo team has decided to make a video blog to keep you posted on our future projects. If we keep copyrighted material out of them (which means we’d have to be a little cryptic), we’d be able to add the advertisements to those videos, and use them to raise money. Which is yet another reason to subscribe to the channel!

We have two new projects in mind right now. We are ironing out the details of the next collaboration video and will hopefully have the information for it up within the next couple weeks. In the mean time, help us pimp out the Pass It On and Markers videos, send us your own Pass It On segment, and post a reply to this thread with any future collaboration ideas you may have!

Thank You!
The LOTSvideo Team


Live Journal Markers Video is now live

June 6, 2010

There were two movements to create multi-fan videos at the same time. We saw the results of the International Seeker Fan Video project the other day. Now here is what the Live Journal Markers Seeker Fan group came up with.

Fantastic video!

Save the Seeker — because we need to get back to a decent TV schedule!


Torch Online features Seeker fan video

June 4, 2010

I don’t know how long it will stay up there but The Torch Online has posted the International Seeker Fan video on their front page.

BTW — the “Views” count will NOT be updated in real-time. Don’t be upset. That’s just a Google/YouTube policy. People are watching it.


LOTS Video Team needs YOUR help ….

June 3, 2010 forum user classymissm posted this message today in follow up to the release of the long-awaited Seeker fan video:

Omg I’m so touched that everyone is digging the video!

Wanna help us spread the word! One of our main goals is to get this featured on youtube, and you can help by subscribinig to the LOTSvideo channel and also by emailing the youtube editors at and making some noise (polite, well phrased noise) about this video. Also comments and ratings never hurt!

In addition, whenever you send an email or letter to ABC/Ellen/RegisandKelly etc… why not inlcude a link or mention of the video! Having a visual evidence of our fandom’s awesomeness might help grab the attention of media outlets!

In addition to what she said, if you have an account with DIGG, StumbleUpon, or any other sharing service, please promote the YouTube address/video there! (


Watch the International Seeker fan video NOW

June 3, 2010

And they gave me a credit, too! Thank you all!

Save the Seeker!