A Belated Thank You to Everyone for All Seeker’s Eve 2015

I meant to write a follow up sooner than this but I had to attend HallowCon 2015 last Saturday and then I had to catch up on a number of projects for work. Still, it’s not too late to say something about All Seeker’s Eve 2015.

As you can see for yourselves, we had a lot of Tweets and Retweets: #allseekerseve on Twitter.

The pictures, fan art, and videos were incredible. And just seeing so many fans enjoying the Tweets was a really great feeling. I know some people used All Seeker’s Eve to lobby Netflix to bring back episodes. I hope that helped out.

A lot of people shared good wishes with Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, and other cast members, too. It has been five years since the show went off the air and I know a lot of people have lost heart and moved on. But Star Trek fans, Star Wars fans, and Firefly fans (to name just a few) have never forgotten the shows they fell in love with.

You see people continue to express their creativity all over the Web. This blog will stay active as long as I can find something to write about (and time to share it). I hope many of you feel the same way too because a lot of people are still just discovering the show now.

We’ll do this again next year, and the year after that. I want All Seeker’s Eve to become a tradition that doesn’t wait on me to make an announcement. Just plan to do it. And tell your friends to do it.

Meanwhile, if Laura needs help getting the word out about anything new, she knows I’ll be there for the fans.

Tell Sam Raimi You Want a Legend of the Seeker Movie

Sam Raimi was the Executive Producer for Legend of the Seeker. He is currently the person in whom the LOTS fan community is most interested because Sam has the clout and the experience to make a killer movie. He did a great job with three “Spider-man” movies and he did a great job with “Oz the Great and Powerful”. So no one can say that Sam Raimi doesn’t know how to make major box office hits. Earlier this year Craig Horner told fans that “There’s more chance of a #LOTS film than a third season and Sam Raimi could make it happen.” Continue reading “Tell Sam Raimi You Want a Legend of the Seeker Movie”

A Legend of the Seeker Wrapup for DragonCon 2013

I think there was a pretty good show of support for Terry Goodkind, the Sword of Truth and Richard and Kahlan books, and Legend of the Seeker at DragonCon both online and in person. Fewer than 1/2 the pictures I took turned out well. I’m just a bad photographer.

I shared a con report here but there seems to be a problem with some of the pictures. I’ll try to fix that.
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It’s Almost Time for the Legend of the Seeker Tweet-along

UPDATE: This article refers to a past event.

Yes! It’s Saturday, August 31, 2013 and today is the day! We’re calling upon fans around the world to share their favorite pictures, fan sites, videos, and more on Twitter from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Eastern Time today on Twitter.

All the details have been published at the Confessor and Seeker Society’s Dragon*Con 2013 forum discussion.
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Share Some Fan-made Videos on Twitter Today

Legend of the Seeker fans love to make videos dedicated to their favorite TV show. There are a LOT of these videos on YouTube and you cannot possibly find them all. But if you can find just a few of them and share them on Twitter today between 11AM and 2PM Eastern Time, you can show your support for Legend of the Seeker fans attending Dragon*Con this weekend.

Fans are still working hard to find a new production company and distributor for Legend of the Seeker and we want the stars and the writers and the entire entertainment industry to know that we are NOT going away until we can support this great TV show again.
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