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Tell Sam Raimi You Want a Legend of the Seeker Movie

November 4, 2014

Sam Raimi was the Executive Producer for Legend of the Seeker. He is currently the person in whom the LOTS fan community is most interested because Sam has the clout and the experience to make a killer movie. He did a great job with three “Spider-man” movies and he did a great job with “Oz the Great and Powerful”. So no one can say that Sam Raimi doesn’t know how to make major box office hits. Earlier this year Craig Horner told fans that “There’s more chance of a #LOTS film than a third season and Sam Raimi could make it happen.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Share Your Favorite Legend of the Seeker Fansites & Videos This Weekend

August 30, 2013

This is Dragon*Con 2013 weekend and maybe 60,000 people will descend upon Atlanta to celebrate science fiction and fantasy. Dragon*Con is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy conventions in the world. This year Legend of the Seeker fan will be manning a fan table to spread the word about this great show and the campaign to bring it back.
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12 Days of the Seeker

December 11, 2012

I wanted to do something for December that was a little special and helped to keep the idea of bringing back Legend of the Seeker. Since it’s the Christmas shopping season one hears all sorts of silly songs, and various renditions of “Twelve Days of Christmas” have been filling the air.

On the other hand, coordinating a lengthy 12-day campaign would have required more time and energy than I could commit to the task; and the more you ask of fans the fewer people will have the time and energy to participate.
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Cool Zeddicus Fight For Seeker Poster

June 2, 2010 forum user oicaxf uploaded this neat picture to the forum.

Bruce Spence as Zeddicus asking fans to fight for the Seeker

Bruce Spence as Zeddicus asking fans to fight for the Seeker

I’m sure Bruce won’t mind our drafting him into service to Save The Seeker!


Tuesday May 18 Twitter Trending Keyword is BruceSpence

May 18, 2010

There seems to be some confusion over what keyword should be trended today. Twitter user confessed4life posted this reminder:

Okay folks, we are trending #BruceSpence today! NOT #TabrettBethell! I repeat we ARE TRENDING #BruceSpence!

So the word for the day is “#BruceSpence”. Bruce Spence is a great choice for Tuesday.

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Bruce Spence Day.

Save the Seeker!