Other Sites

I invite you to visit these science fiction and fantasy Websites that I have made available for fans through the years.

Michael Martinez’ personal Website – I launched this site in 2004. When I joined the campaign to save LOTS I decided not to promote my personal brand as a writer because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to leverage fans’ outrage for my own benefit. I’ve written several books about the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. You can learn more at www.Michael-Martinez.com. I have a personal blog where I sometimes write about whatever pops into my mind. You can read it at Blog.Michael-Martinez.com.

Michael’s personal Twitter account – I manage several accounts for business purposes. My personal account is @seo_theorist, where I’m more likely to share or rant about politics, science fiction and fantasy in general, or whatever.

SF-Fandom – SF-Fandom is one of the Web’s oldest science fiction and fantasy discussion communities. Our Science Fiction and Fantasy Forums are open for registration (you can browse without registering but you must register in order to post). There is also an official SF Fandom blog and a History Blog.

Xenite.Org – Xenite.Org was my original science fiction and fantasy domain, launched in 1997. In 2011 due to server issues and other challenges I rebuilt the site, saving the best articles and republishing them as a science fiction blog. There are several special purpose sub-sections for Xenite, including a Huckleberry Website, a site about the CompuServe IMPs professional Science Fiction writing group, and Middle-earth at Xenite, a blog that publishes articles and news of interest to fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth.

Tolkien Studies on the Web – This is an older site that documents trustworthy research sources on the Web (you won’t find Wikipedia here) for people who want to learn more about J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth. Among the various sections is a listing of academic courses offered by American colleges and universities in J.R.R. Tolkien. You can also read occasional updates on the Tolkien Studies Blog.

SF-Worlds – SF Worlds is a small Website publishing a collection of essays about science fiction and fantasy worlds. It’s an older site and a bit small but still has some interesting content. SF Worlds.

SF-Fandom Twitter – SF-Fandom has a Twitter account where we collect news from various science fiction and fantasy feeds. We also post updates from our blogs and forums. SF-Fandom at Twitter.

Xenite.Org Twitter – Xenite.Org also has a Twitter account. Not quite the same as the SF-Fandom account, it’s more of a personal science fiction and fantasy experience for members of our community. Xenite.Org at SF-Fandom.

SEO Theory – If you have an interest in Internet marketing and search engine optimization especially then check out SEO Theory. This blog is where I explore the scientific side of the Searchable Web Ecosystem. It’s not another link building blog by any means.

SEO Theory Twitter – There is a lot of interesting news and discussion in the search marketing community. The SEO Theory Twitter account collects the best, most reliable feeds and keeps people informed on what is happening. SEO Theory at Twitter.