Networks and Tribune Market TV Stations

You may want to contact these networks or the local broadcasters in your area and politely ask them to either consider picking up the third season of Legend of the Seeker or to cover the fan campaign to ensure the show is picked up for a third season.

Please DO NOT say the show has been cancelled. As of yet, the show is still officially in production.
Please DO SAY that fans of the show are showing their support for the show and that they/you want to see its third season in your local broadcasting market.

If you or any fans in your area (that you know of) are doing anything to promote the show, including distributing flyers (to bulletin boards at community locations like schools, libraries, parks, community centers, grocery stores, malls, etc.), holding Seeker viewing parties at local businesses, holding Seeker rallies, Seeker car washes, etc., then you might want to mention these activities to your local news stations.

Don’t give up hope.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS GO OUT TO The Seeker Flag for compiling this list.

UPDATE: The Confessor and Seeker Society published a list of TV Stations with contact info here.



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  4. any news about season 3?

    • wroigh, Seeker fandom is still working to convince likely TV networks that there is a large and reasonable audience for the show. These things take time, unfortunately. Hang in there.

      • I wish for nothing but success for our quest 🙂 I do really hope they would realized that with this kind of stories like Legend of the seeker would take another long years for someone to come up with or could match the characters and the plots itself it’s so sad for a show like this would end up like that while some boring shows were still in the air 😦 we all still love to see Craig and Bridget’s tandem and nobody would deserves to replace that and hopefully a 3rd season for us seeker fans thanks and wish us luck for our campaign.

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