10 Years and Counting

Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, Tabrett Bethel, and Bruce Spence starred in 'Legend of the Seeker'.
We loved the show so much we fought hard to save it and then bring it back for years. We still remember more than 10 years later.
I haven’t updated this blog in years. I haven’t had the time and energy to keep up with all my old interests. I haven’t lost my passion for science fiction and fantasy, or Legend of the Seeker, but the fan movement gradually faded away.

We all knew that would happen. But 10 years ago I promised someone I would never give up this blog. What I didn’t expect to happen was to hear about the sad news of Terry Goodkind’s passing on September 17, 2020. His family did not reveal the cause of death and we don’t need to know. This has been a terrible, sad year.

Terry was engaged with his fans. His Sword of Truth novels were inventive and daring. Some fans of the books hated Legend of the Seeker because the saga had been toned down for television. I understand why purists feel so passionately about these things, but a TV adaptation doesn’t change one word in the published books. I used to remind Tolkien purists of that when they ranted on the Internet against Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of Lord of the Rings.
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Checklist for Fans: Things To Do To Save The Seeker

So you’ve been staying up late every night for the past two weeks, Tweeting and voting your Seeking heart out, right?

And you’ve mailed, emailed, called, voted, and busted yourself on every network and TV station, right?

Have you done everything that you as a fan can do? … To be honest, I have no idea. But remember that none of us can do everything. Still, here is a list of activities to choose from that may help ABC Studios find a way to renew Legend of the Seeker for a third season. And remember, the show has NOT yet been cancelled despite what you may have read prior to now.

  1. ADDED ON EDIT: Make ‘Save Our Seeker’ bumper stickers (or maybe just ‘WATCH Legend of the Seeker’)
  2. Share this list on every blog you write, every forum you participate in, etc.
  3. Write to alternative networks and TV stations and ask them to consider picking up the third season.
  4. Vote for Legend of the Seeker on Save That Show
  5. Sign the Give Legend of the Seeker a 3rd Season petition (and ask your friends to sign, too).
  6. Try contacting sponsors of Legend of the Seeker and ask them to show their support for the show to TV stations and networks.
  7. Vote for Legend of the Seeker on FAXO‘s “Best TV Show” poll.
  8. Got a Website? Got an Amazon affiliate account? Create your own Legend of the Seeker store.
  9. If you have a blog on WordPress.com, use “Legend of the Seeker” and “Save The Seeker” and “Save Our Seeker” in tags for your posts (see this article for detail).
  10. Any Web content you create (blog post, comment on a blog or forum, etc.) be sure to mention ABC Studios and Disney in case they are scanning the Internet for daily mentions (many companies now do this).
  11. Do you run a podcast about any topic whatsoever? Then mention Legend of the Seeker on your podcast.
  12. Learn why Tribune Broadcasting dropped Legend of the Seeker so that you can respond to buffoons who say the show has been cancelled.
  13. If you have an iTunes account and can afford to do so, celebrate iTunes Mondays (or watch Legend of the Seeker on Hulu).
  14. If you already have a Facebook account, become a fan of the Legend of the Seeker Facebook account (Facebook reset everyone’s privacy so be sure to update your settings).
  15. Print out and distribute Legend of the Seeker promo flyers (you can find a second Legend of the Seeker promo flyer here).
  16. Review other ideas for building Legend of the Seeker viewership.
  17. Contact ABC Studios and Disney and let them know you support the show.
  18. Send artwork to ABC Studios and local TV stations to support the show.
  19. Log in to IMDB and help improve <a href="Legend of the Seeker‘s popularity at IMDB.
  20. Get together with your friends and organize car washes for the Seeker.
  21. Get together with your friends and organize viewings for the Seeker in local pubs, restaurants, etc.
  22. Contact American Talk Show hosts and ask them to invite Bridget Regan to be their guests (and ask Saturday Night Live, too).
  23. Make a donation to help buy advertising at Save Our Seeker
  24. Join the various Twitter Takeover (aka Twitter Trending) campaigns. NOTE: You may want to set up 2 accounts just for this, as some overzealous fans have been shut down for too many Tweets.
  25. Browse the numerous discussions at LOTS.org’s Save Our Seeker section to find more ideas (that you don’t already find here).

I don’t think this is an exhaustive list of things you can do but it’s a pretty good start.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?

How to hit Twitter’s trending topics

I’ve been looking at the trending topics and I think the Seeker fans are approaching the trending topic goal from the wrong direction. The top posts in each trending topic are RETWEETED. Seeker fans are simply asking each other to copy and paste the hash tags. I don’t think that’s going to work.

We need to pick a couple of great Tweets and just retweet them.

Here is a good one:

RT @confessed4life Hash tag mission to save the show : Hash tags #saveourseeker #legendoftheseeker #lots #savetheseeker #Seeker

NOTE: Some people are asking you NOT to retweet. Their intentions are good but their methods are not. These messages MUST be retweeted in order to become trending topics.