All Seeker’s Eve 2017 – What to Do

Monday is Halloween and while I had hoped to put together advance promotions for All Seekers Eve this year I was unable to schedule time to work on the project.

Because the campaign to revive Legend of the Seeker has effectively ended all we can do at this point is remember the show we loved and share our thoughts.

I will still use the hashtag #allseekerseve for some Tweets on Monday. I’m afraid that is all I can commit to doing at this point. If I can find some time over the weekend I’ll try to schedule some Tweets but I’ve committed to attend a north Georgia convention, HallowCon, and that won’t leave me much time for last minute promotion.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to do something else later this year to make up for my lack of promotion of All Seeker’s Eve, and there is always next year.

Meanwhile, do take the time on Monday to remember Legend of the Seeker with some #allseekerseve love.

Time for All Seeker’s Eve 2015

Earlier this year I promised I would promote another All Seeker’s Eve. And then my life became busy and I wasn’t able to spend as much time on personal avocations as last year. So I expect this year’s All Seeker’s Eve to be somewhat muted but I will do my part to make it happen.

I want to use the hash tag #allseekerseve again. Saturday, October 31, it will be enough if you schedule or type in a few Tweets from Noon Eastern Time until 6 PM Eastern.
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All Seeker’s Eve 2015

I just wanted to confirm to everyone that I will be promoting an All Seeker’s Eve online campaign again this October. Share your creativity on your blogs, in the forums, and on social media! Also, I am still hoping to visit Hallowcon in Dalton, GA this October 30 – November 1. I’m not an official guest. I just promised my friend Dutch (who runs the con) that if my schedule allowed it I would get up there this year. Continue reading “All Seeker’s Eve 2015”

New Mission: All Seeker’s Eve October 2014

There is a convergence in the Fandom. A very unintentional but nonetheless timely convergence, I might add. I have been devoting so much time for work projects the last few months I haven’t really made time for my fandom interests. It takes a lot of work for me to mount a Legend of the Seeker fan promotion campaign, for example. And sometimes it just takes a lot of work for me to participate in the online discussions I enjoy, whether I am posting in forums, writing blog posts, or sharing things on social media services like Twitter and Facebook. “If only I had enough time to prepare,” I keep telling myself.
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Legend of the Seeker Fans Asking Sam Raimi Directly for a Movie

The chances of bringing back a full multi-season television show based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels have faded mostly because the principal actors have accumulated many commitments over the past four years. But hope has been kept alive by a small cadre of fans who have organized events at conferences, letter writing campaign, and social media collaborations.

More than 15,000 fans have signed a petition for SMGO.TV to win their support for bringing the show back into production. (That link, btw, points to a Google cache image of the page — I am receiving a 502 Gateway error when I try to bring up the page directly).
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