About Save The Seeker

If you have heard that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled, take heart: THE SHOW HAS NOT YET BEEN CANCELLED.

Fans of Legend of the Seeker are banding together to persuade ABC Domestic Television to give the show at least one more year of production.

This Save The Seeker blog was set up to assist cooperation between all the Seeker Sites.

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So why do so many people think the show is cancelled? Because Entertainment Weekly’s Mike Ausiello published the rumor on his blog, claiming “reliable sources” at ABC Studios had told him the show was done. Nonetheless, new promotional efforts on the show’s behalf began the same day, inspiring fans to come together to create enough buzz and interest to keep the show going.

But if ABC told Ausiello the show was done, will a Save Our Seeker campaign work? Doesn’t this all mean the ratings were bad?

NO – The ratings for the show are actually BETTER than ratings for other shows that have been renewed. Seeker’s ratings did decline somewhat from its first season, but the real problem is that the Tribune Company, which owns 23 TV stations through its Tribune Broadcasting Group, went into bankruptcy in December 2008. In March 2010 they announced they would not pick up the Seeker for a third season.

Instead, it was announced at the end of April, Tribune will pick up less expensive shows including one or more shows developed by Jerry Springer. It turns out that Tribune is not targeting the demographic that watches shows like Legend of the Seeker. Hence, they feel they can make a better profit with different kinds of shows.

ABC Studios is reportedly working on finding a new distribution channel to replace Tribune. The Ausiello rumor has yet to be proven true. The cast and crew JUST went on hiatus as the rumor was breaking, so there is in fact time to keep the production running smoothly — IF ABC Studios can find enough distribution to justify a third season.

The purpose of the Save The Seeker campaign is to help ABC find that distribution.