All Seeker’s Eve 2017 – What to Do

Monday is Halloween and while I had hoped to put together advance promotions for All Seekers Eve this year I was unable to schedule time to work on the project.

Because the campaign to revive Legend of the Seeker has effectively ended all we can do at this point is remember the show we loved and share our thoughts.

I will still use the hashtag #allseekerseve for some Tweets on Monday. I’m afraid that is all I can commit to doing at this point. If I can find some time over the weekend I’ll try to schedule some Tweets but I’ve committed to attend a north Georgia convention, HallowCon, and that won’t leave me much time for last minute promotion.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to do something else later this year to make up for my lack of promotion of All Seeker’s Eve, and there is always next year.

Meanwhile, do take the time on Monday to remember Legend of the Seeker with some #allseekerseve love.