All Seeker’s Eve 2015

I just wanted to confirm to everyone that I will be promoting an All Seeker’s Eve online campaign again this October. Share your creativity on your blogs, in the forums, and on social media! Also, I am still hoping to visit Hallowcon in Dalton, GA this October 30 – November 1. I’m not an official guest. I just promised my friend Dutch (who runs the con) that if my schedule allowed it I would get up there this year.

I will be at Dragon*Con this weekend. I don’t know of any Legend of the Seeker activities. I have been working hard this summer and have not been in touch with Laura or other fans. I do know that Dean O’Gorman will be at the convention. I doubt I’ll get a chance to see him, though, as I’ll be on several panels this Saturday and Sunday (see my schedule here).

If any Seeker/Sword of Truth fans want to say “hi” in passing I’ll be glad to grab a few minutes with you.

Otherwise, I’ll probably post a new update in late September (unless I hear something new). As always, keep checking for any news on fan tables at conventions or other special projects.