#LegendoftheSeeker Fans: Donate 1 Tweet a Day

June 12, 2014

It has been too long since I was able to devote much time and effort to helping fans keep interest in a “Legend of the Seeker” revival alive. The last news I had from Laura Ventura was that a proposal for a film is in the works, and she hasn’t updated Save Our Seeker with any disappointing announcements since then, so I hope that’s a good sign.

Meanwhile, my schedule is a little more flexible this month so I have been publishing some Tweets under the @seekerfans account. Not looking for any trending here, so I just use #LegendoftheSeeker and #scifi and #fantasy. People do searc on these hash tags:

All I ask today is that you schedule a daily Tweet from your accounts. Link to your favorite fan site, or to a Legend of the Seeker fan video on YouTube, or a gallery on Pinterest, or a Tumblr fan site, etc.

Share the world of Seeker Fandom with your friends and strangers. And don’t be discouraged because no television network can take that world away from you.

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