Save Our Seeker’s Laura Ventura on Assembly of Geeks Podcast

September 25, 2013

Assembly of Geeks podcast Website

Assembly of Geeks podcast Website

Laura (@sot_fan) is a guest on EPISODE 3 of the ASSEMBLY OF GEEKS podcast.

As fans continue to show their support for the show, hopes are rising that something good will happen. Laura is introduced at around 17 minutes and 45 seconds into the podcast. BTW — it’s SMGO.TV, not dot-com. The Legend of the Seeker campaign was the first to reach SMGO’s target of 15,000 signatures (and now exceeds 20,000).

The podcast is weekly and if you come across this blog post after the next episode is uploaded you can listen to past AOG episodes here.

In other news, we here at SaveTheSeeker.Wordpress.Com (follow us at @seekerfans) are coordinating a small ongoing campaign to promote Legend of the Seeker fan videos and sites. I’ve rounded up a few friends to schedule tweets to link out to good sites.

If you have a favorite fan Website, video, or moment, please share it on Twitter.

Be sure to visit SaveOurSeeker.com to learn more about Laura’s and other fans’ efforts to bring back Legend of the Seeker.

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