A Legend of the Seeker Wrapup for DragonCon 2013

September 2, 2013

I think there was a pretty good show of support for Terry Goodkind, the Sword of Truth and Richard and Kahlan books, and Legend of the Seeker at DragonCon both online and in person. Fewer than 1/2 the pictures I took turned out well. I’m just a bad photographer.

I shared a con report here but there seems to be a problem with some of the pictures. I’ll try to fix that.

In case you have NOT heard, SMGO.TV has acquired almost 20,000 votes for Legend of the Seeker. They only asked for 15,000 but the more votes they get the better. Why? Because in a recently posted update they said they are setting up the meetings.

SMGO say they will have only one shot at convincing ABC to put Legend of the Seeker back into production. And despite some logistical concerns from various people associated with the show’s former cast and production team, I always say “Money talks louder than objections”. If they decide to make this happen it will happen.

Does that mean a third season is in sight? Not necessarily. They may settle on a movie. It might be nothing more than a Direct-to-DvD/Blu-Ray movie (Stargate got 2 like that). Still, you have keep up hope that something productive will come out of this.

Terry Goodkind ran a series of contests on Facebook over the weekend. Unfortunately, DragonCon’s wireless connectivity was so non-existent that virtually every TG/LOTS fan at the convention was shut out of the running (most of the time). Once in a while you could find a good connection. I actually found two dependable wireless networks in the Starbucks at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart (where the dealers rooms were located).

I spent some time at the TG/LOTS fan table on both Saturday and Sunday. When it comes to the organized Seeker fandom I am a bit of an outsider because I don’t hang out on Facebook (I hate Facebook) and I don’t get around to conventions and meetups very often any more. So I appreciate the more-involved TG fans opening up and making me feel welcome.

As for the LOTSDC2013 Tweet-along, I think it was fairly successful. I saw people jumping in and I saw some retweeting going on as well. Unfortunately Twitter makes it almost impossible to see what is happening any more so I don’t have a complete picture of how many Tweets/Retweets were shared. But thank you to everyone who helped show their support.

A few people asked about how they can get involved with TG/LOTS fandom. I hope we can connect with them after the convention. It was darned near impossible to trade information in the hotels because even the wireless cell phone networks were having problems (although at least 1 AT&T user told me they had reliable service).

If you want to know where to look for Sword of Truth fans, I suggest you start here on this Facebook page, which lins to other Facebook groups/pages that are dedicated to Terry Goodkind and Sword of Truth. You can join the We Want Season 3, 4, and 5 Facebook group as well.

And then there is the Confessor and Seeker Society Forum, which though not as active as in years past is still a useful resource for catching up on some of the latest news.

The official Save Our Seeker Website spearheads the movement to revive Legend of the Seeker and is probably most in tune with all the fan activities.

The Legend of the Seeker Convention Calendar keeps a very good list of upcoming conventions where fan tables are planned. ANYONE can volunteer to organize a fan table for their local convention. As much as possible other fans will support you by sharing the information on their Websites. I occasionally find time to set up Twitter campaigns to promote conventions with Seeker/Sword of Truth fan tables.

You can also write a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or a similar service. The best bloggery would be to share your thoughts on the books, the individual episodes, the actors, and fan activities. What you should NOT do, however, is write fan fiction. Yeah, fan fiction is a real big deal with science fiction and fantasy fans but Terry Goodkind is still writing the stories and it would be discourteous to a living author to usurp his creativity in his own world (unless that author invited such fan activity).

You can certainly write poetry, make tribute videos, and create fan art as well. So there is plenty to blog about, plenty to do as a fan, and you’ll find that people will appreciate your efforts.

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