Share Some Fan-made Videos on Twitter Today

August 31, 2013

Legend of the Seeker fans love to make videos dedicated to their favorite TV show. There are a LOT of these videos on YouTube and you cannot possibly find them all. But if you can find just a few of them and share them on Twitter today between 11AM and 2PM Eastern Time, you can show your support for Legend of the Seeker fans attending Dragon*Con this weekend.

Fans are still working hard to find a new production company and distributor for Legend of the Seeker and we want the stars and the writers and the entire entertainment industry to know that we are NOT going away until we can support this great TV show again.

To that end we’ll be calling for more volunteers to set up fan tables at conventions, to arrange for Legend of the Seeker meetups, to organize Legend of the Seeker Cosplay groups and photo shoots, and to keep making more appreciation videos.

But enough about all that. Here are some great classic Legend of the Seeker videos for you to share during the Tweet-along that starts in just a little while. Check this discussion at the Confessor and Seeker Society for more information on what to do.

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