Are You At Dragon*Con 2013 This Weekend? Visit the LOTS Fan Table

August 31, 2013

Science fiction and fantasy fans who are attending Dragon*Con 2013 in Atlanta, we invite you to stop by the Legend of the Seeker fan table. We want to see as many LOTS lovers as possible, and with 60,000 attendees at the convention we’re pretty sure there will be more than a few there. It will be even greater if you’re wearing a costume.

If you missed Dragon*Con this year you can still participate in the online Tweet-along from 11AM to 2PM Eastern time today. Check the Dragon*Con 2013 discussion at the Confessor and Seeker Society forum for details.

If you have a favorite picture of stars like Bridget Regan, Tabrett Bethell, Craig Horner, and others then please share them. We’ll also enjoy watching any fan-made videos you want to share, as well as browsing your favorite Legend of the Seeker fansites.

Here are a few classic fan-made Legend of the Seeker videos for you to enjoy now. Hope to see you this weekend!

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