You Can’t Have a Convention Without Fan-made Videos

August 30, 2013

Legend of the Seeker fans make some pretty cool videos and upload them to YouTube and other services. This weekend we’re calling on all LOTS fans around the world to join in the Saturday, August 31, 2013 Tweet-along for Dragon*Con. Since you cannot be at Dragon*Con 2013 you can show your support for Legend of the Seeker while volunteers man the LOTS fan table at the convention in Atlanta.

We’ll be there at Dragon*Con tonight at a meetup at 4PM and at a Cosplay Photo Shoot at 11:30 PM. Be sure to check the Confessor and Seeker Society Dragon*Con 2013 discussion for details.

Meanwhile, if you see Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, Gabriel Mann, Michael Hurst, Terry Goodkind, or anyone else associated with the show today or tomorrow (wherever they may be), please let them know about our Tweet-along. It would be great to see them each share a Tweet.

And now, for you entertainment buffs, here are a few more recently uploaded videos. Support your creative fans by viewing and sharing their videos on your favorite Social Media and science fiction/fantasy Websites.

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