Celebrate Legend of the Seeker This Weekend with Fan Videos!

August 30, 2013

Many of us will be attending Dragon*Con 2013 this weekend but not everyone can be there. As mentioned on the Confessor and Seeker Society Forum there will be a Legend of the Seeker Tweet-along tomorrow for fans who cannot be at Dragon*Con.

We’re asking that you share links to your favorite Legend of the Seeker fansites on Twitter, share videos, and just give a shout out to any of the stars who may be on Twitter — like Bridget Regan, Craig Horner, Michael Hurst, and Gabriel Mann.

Legend of the Seeker is, of course, based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels and if you want to share links dedicated to the books, that’s cool, too. Spread the word and let fandom know that Seeker fans are still alive and determined to bring back their show.

We can organize more fan tables, more cosplay photo shoots, more meetups, and ask for panels at all science fiction and fantasy conventions. You can be a part of the great movement wherever you live. Create a blog, start a forum discussion, tell people on Social Media when you’re watching episodes of Legend of the Seeker.

Over the past couple of weeks THOUSANDS of Seeker fans have been sharing their joy in the show as they watch episodes on Netflix.

And now, to help you with ideas for tomorrow’s Tweet-Along, here are a few more videos you can share.

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