Yet More Videos for the Saturday Tweet-along

August 29, 2013

Legend of the Seeker fans who cannot attend Dragon*Con 2013 this weekend can still show their support for the campaign to bring back the television show by joining in the Tweet-along. Read full details at the Confessor and Seeker Society forum’s Dragon*Con 2013 discussion.

We are asking fans to include additional hash tags to help attract more attention to their Tweets. Don’t go nuts but do think about how you can match a tweet to 2-3 hash tags like #scifi #fantasy #entertainment #video #music #fanfic and so forth.

These videos were uploaded by fans to YouTube and we encourage you to share them in your favorite science fiction and fantasy venues. Post them on your blogs. Tumble them. Stumble them. Let the world know you love Legend of the Seeker and want a third season.

A LOT of people have been watching Legend of the Seeker on Netflix over the past few weeks and sharing their love for the show on Twitter. There is a HUGE amount of support for this show. We’re not finished yet — not no way nohow, Batman!

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