What You Can Do For Legend of the Seeker at Dragon*Con

August 24, 2013

In case you have been sleeping under a rock, Legend of the Seeker fans will be at Dragon*Con. We invite you to drop by the meetup or fan table and share your thoughts, your memories, and cool LOTS projects you have worked on.

But can you do more than that?

Absolutely! You can help spread the word about fan efforts to bring back the TV show by:

  • Linking to fan-made Legend of the Seeker videos on Twitter and Facebook
  • Sharing Legend of the Seeker Fan Table convention dates with your friends on social media
  • Linking to http://www.saveourseeker.com/ wherever you share links
  • Dressing up in costume as a LOTS character for your local conventions and Halloween events
  • Starting new forum discussions at The Confessor and Seeker Society
  • Volunteering to man Legend of the Seeker fan tables at your local conventions
  • Recruiting your friends to man Legend of the Seeker fan tables at THEIR local conventions
  • Sharing new ideas about how to promote and bring back the show on your blogs and in the forum

Legend of the Seeker ran for two seasons on syndicated television. The show’s production ended only because the Tribun Broadcasting Company ran out of money and declared bankruptcy in 2010; as a cost-saving measure Tribune dropped syndicated shows like LOTS from its schedule, depriving Legend of the Seeker of 1/3 of its North American market.

The show was not cancelled because people didn’t like it — it was cancelled because ABC Studios failed to make a real effort to find a new distributor. They only asked SyFy to pick up the show and SyFy did a terrible job of trying to stimulate interest among its viewers with a couple of poorly promoted LOTS marathons.

It’s never too late to bring back a beloved television show. In fact, with companies like Netflix and Hulu investing in original productions, there are more opportunities NOW than ever to find a new distributor/production company for the show.

Legend of the Seeker is based upon Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. Terry often expressed his support for fan campaigns to restore the show.

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  1. More LOTS…we have seen continued support for this genre and interest in other movies/other TV series telecast; yet these fail to meet Goodkind’s book series which remains unique as were the actors who brought Legend of the Seeker series to life for us. Let’s get this series back on TV and back into our homes weekly!! Ras

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