Seeker Fans Asking For Your Votes

May 31, 2013

UPDATE: Yes, we garnered enough votes to get SMGO TV’s support. They said Legend of the Seeker was the first project to acquire enough votes. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Yes, it is possible to revive a TV show through a simple online democratic process.

SMGO TV is asking people to vote for shows that they would like to see revived. Legend of the Seeker is on the ballot.

The social media service wants 15,000 votes to support a crowdfunding proposal to help bring the show back. In other words, if they can demonstrate a real audience willingness to provide direct financial support to the show, they’ll make the effort to try to put the band back together.

According to Craig Horner, who starred as Richard Cypher/Rahl in the syndicated television show, one of the objections that SyFy had to picking up the series in 2010 was their concern about the immense number of illegal downloads of episodes over the Internet. Fans in countries where the show was not distributed unwittingly crushed the show’s hopes for revival with their devotion.

But now crowdsourcing advocates are hopeful that a funding plan can be devised that will help make financial sense to all the rights-holders and decision-makers and distributors. You lose nothing by voting for the show and asking your friends to do so; and maybe, just maybe, we’ll all get to watch a third season of Legend of the Seeker.

Legend of the Seeker was based on Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” novels.




  2. Good Spirits do grant
    The Legend of the Seeker
    We hunger for more

  3. i appreciate the efforts of all the funs of this legend,plz lets unite to save our seeker.

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