Seeker Fans Celebrating Stars’ Birthdays

February 1, 2013

Due to two consecutive bouts of influenza January was not a very productive month for me. I missed celebrating Craig Horner’s birthday with other fans.

Fans will be celebrating Bridget Regan’s birthday on Sunday, February 3, 2013. You can learn more about the Tweetathon on this Facebook page.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook accounts (I don’t blame you) here is an excerpt:

► ► Celebrate Bridget Regan’s Birthday with a NEW Tweetathon this Sunday, February 3rd/2013 ◄ ◄
– – Hashtag #BridgetReganBDay
(click on SEE MORE to see all of the information)

⇨ This time, we will be tweeting the Hashtag #BridgetReganBDay 🙂
(We’ve previously trended #BridgetRegan, and #BridgetReganBirthday, so we needed to change the hashtag)

► This is a 24-HOUR TWEETATHON around the WORLD
(**including a 2-hour “POWER WINDOW” from 12Noon to 2PM Pacific Time)
The 24 HOUR Tweetathon begins as soon as February 3rd begins in your country – at 12:00 AM,
and ends on 12:00 AM on Monday, February 4th – but you can always tweet longer if you want to. 🙂

I’m not sure how much I can participate but I wanted to make sure I helped spread the word.

BTW — I have noticed a lot of original programming promotions on Hulu. We should probably start discussing a campaign to try to bring the right people together to discuss a possible revival on Hulu. If you have a Hulu+ account (it’s only about $10 a month) you may be able to help influence their production decisions. I do have a Hulu+ account and will be glad to work with other Hulu+ users to lobby for a LOTS program on the service.

Just keep in mind that my schedule can be a bit wacky.


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  1. […] I wanted to note that Legend of the Seeker fans will celebrate Bridget Regan’s birthday this Sunday, February 3. Of course, that is Super Bowl day and we know millions of people will be […]

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