12 Days of the Seeker

December 11, 2012

I wanted to do something for December that was a little special and helped to keep the idea of bringing back Legend of the Seeker. Since it’s the Christmas shopping season one hears all sorts of silly songs, and various renditions of “Twelve Days of Christmas” have been filling the air.

On the other hand, coordinating a lengthy 12-day campaign would have required more time and energy than I could commit to the task; and the more you ask of fans the fewer people will have the time and energy to participate.

Hence, I decided it would be simpler to just ask people to post something once a day from December 13 through December 25 in the form of a brief Tweet in the style of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song.

So, on December 13 you Tweet something like “On the 1st Day of the Seeker all I want to see is LOTs coming back to TV”, etc.

December 14 is the 2nd Day of the Seeker, etc.

It’s easy enough to schedule 1 Tweet a day and you don’t have to feel like you’re letting the cause down if you miss a day or two.

But you can also help by ReTweeting other people’s Tweets. That way we’ll keep the tradition going throughout the twelve days without having to pound on the keyboard, schedule Tweets, etc.

BTW — you can actually schedule Retweets (for Tweets that have already been posted) through Worphy. It’s a fairly new service but I like it so far. Just grab the STATUS URL of the Tweet you want to retweet by right-clicking on the time stamp in the Twitter listing for a given Tweet.

You could grab 5-10 friends’ Tweets and schedule 1 Retweet for each of them each day.

Finally, we can use the hash tag of #12seekerdays to let people know what we’re doing. Don’t worry about trending. This isn’t about trending. But we can create some Storify pages, maybe, if we get enough interesting Tweets.

I’m sorry about not providing the details sooner. I’ve been really busy and stealing time to promote fandom projects. I should be able to get a few Tweets scheduled for December 13 in time. After that, I hope you’ll help me keep it going forward.

I’d love to see Craig Horner, Bridget Regan, Bruce Spence, and the rest of the Seeker cast get back together next fall, or maybe make a movie. The Tribune bankruptcy was so unfair to a great show and a great fandom.

And who knows? Maybe an online service like http://blip.tv/ will take an interest in the franchise (or maybe some production company that works with online media will).

I’m not ready to give up. I hope you’re not, either, because there is still a great deal more that we as fans can do to show people in the entertainment industry that there is a market for this show.


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  1. Luv the idea…On the first day for Seeker, we watch him on Tv…..
    On the second day of Seeker, Zedd and Kahlan makes it three
    On the third day of Seeker, our true loves joined the fray
    On the fourth day of Seeker, Darken Rahl has come to stay


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