Help Complete the June 2012 #LegendoftheSeeker Fan Video Extravanganza

June 25, 2012

Fans of Legend of the Seeker have been Tweeting their favorite LOTS fan videos all month long, just for the sake of sharing their love for this great TV show with all their friends and followers on Twitter.

Now as we head toward the end of June we want to make sure the fan video extravaganza goes out with a huge flourish. We can do that by Tweeting fan-made Legend of the Seeker videos all week long.

I have posted a list of all the videos I have been promoting with the @seekerfans account on SF-Fandom in this thread.

You can help make this fan video extravaganza a great success by:

  • Adding a few of your own Tweets using the #legendoftheseeker hash tag each day
  • Retweeting a few of the Tweets from people you follow each day
  • Telling your friends and family and anyone else who will listen to you to check Twitter each day for the #legendoftheseeker hash tag
  • Subscribe to and Retweet the Legend of the Seeker Paper.li Daily News

Legend of the Seeker fans continue to contribute their time and creativity to helping promote interest in the TV show. We’re hoping to persuade a network or maybe an online service like Hulu or Netflix to give the show a 3rd season; alternatively, we might find a film studio willing to give the franchise a shot. Worldwide ticket sales for action-adventure movies are having a big impact with the American film industry these days, so all our overseas friends can definitely benefit from seeing a movie franchise develop around Legend of the Seeker.

And in case you you’re wondering if Terry Goodkind has lost interest in the fan campaign to bring the show back, take heart: Terry Retweeted one of my Tweets about the fan campaign to his tens of thousands of followers earlier this month. He is still very much interested in our efforts.

Never give up! Remember to support the Save Our Seeker Website whenever calls go out for fan help!

Keep up the great work!


  1. This is useless, the show will never be renewed. Too bad, I love it.

    • It’s never useless to show people what you love. You can still build connections through your shared interests. That will always be important to the human experience; and shows have made spectacular comebacks through the years when fans have shown their determination.

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