Please Join the Xenite.Org 15th Anniversary Celebration on March 14

March 10, 2012

I don’t often ask my friends in fandom for favors but this coming Wednesday, March 14, 2012 is a special day for me. It marks the 15th anniversary of Xenite.Org, my first science fiction and fantasy domain. I created my first Website in August 1996 but by February 1997 I had four Websites scattered across several ISP accounts. I decided to consolidate them on my own domain. On March 14 I registered Xenite.Org and by March 17 it was visible to everyone on the Web.

Xenite.Org is not only one of the first science fiction and fantasy fan domains, it’s one of the first science fiction and fantasy domains. I don’t know how many others had been created by then. Certainly big sites like TheForce.Net and Xenafan.com were already in existence, but many great fan megasites such as Mugglenet, TheOneRing.net, and others were yet to be launched.

Today Xenite still receives over 35,000 monthly visitors. The Xenite.Org network still serves nearly 70,000 monthly visitors. The number goes well over 200,000 if you include all the spammy robots and hacker tools that are constantly probing our server. (roll your eyes)

On Wednesday I am asking our friends and fans to join in a Tweetabration. Please sign on to Twitter and post any message that includes “Happy Fifteenth Xenite-dot-Org”. If you want to include hash tags, #scifi and #fantasy are cool. Or you could also use #sffandom, a hash tag we use for posts from the SF-Fandom Science Fiction and Fantasy Forums.

Thank you in advance for your support. I love doing things for science fiction and fantasy fans and I’m still working to help spread the word about Legend of the Seekr. But I think you’ll agree that March 14 is a pretty special day. We need MORE 15-year-old science fiction and fantasy fan domains.

You can follow Xenite.Org on Twitter at @xenite_org.

You can follow our Legend of the Seeker news and promotions on Twitter at @seekerfans.

Thanks a lot!

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