Meet Craig Horner at WonderCon 2012

March 8, 2012

Hey Legend of the Seeker fans. If you haven’t heard by now, Craig Horner will be at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA the weekend of March 16-18. Craig himself has publicly confirmed the appearance through his Twitter account.

You can learn more details at SeekerSword.com, and you also have the opportunity to submit questions for Craig in advance by sending them via email to WizardsRule -at- SeekerSword.com (that’s an email address you have to put together).

I wish I could be there in person but I’m afraid that’s not possible. Nonetheless, as someone who has been privileged to speak with Craig by telephone I can tell you he has a great personality, he loves the Seeker fandom, and he is himself a science fiction and fantasy fan.

Craig is not only a very experienced actor with more than 10 years of television work to his credit, he’s also an accomplished musician.

Please be sure to check out WonderCon and let us know what you thought of the experience!

And a very special thanks to Laura at Save Our Seeker for letting me know about Craig appearing at WonderCon!

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  1. Thank you Laura… Thank you Craig Horner …. your fans appreciate it!!

    Hope to see Craig in upcoming roles…but of course I am a diehard LOTS fan and want it brought back!! 🙂 ras

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