Save Our Seeker Announces Fan Contest to Help Bring the Show Back

February 7, 2012

Laura from Save Our Seeker is asking all Legend of the Seeker fans to participate in and help promote a contest that runs through March 2. This contest has a really special purpose. LOTS fans will be working together to persuade the one person who has the best shot at bringing back Legend of the Seeker for a third season.

Yes, Laura has uncovered the best man to contact — the man who should feel your Seeker love, the very key individual who needs to know that you want him to bring back the Seeker!

Okay, the teasing stops here: We need to convince Ken Biller that bringing Legend of the Seeker is what he should be focusing on. Ken was the Executive Producer for Legend of the Seeker. But I’m not going to try to explain all this to you since Laura has written a very poignant plea. Here is a quote:

An industry insider has told SaveOurSeeker.com that Legend of the Seeker Executive Producer Ken Biller, more than anyone else, is the one that we need to encourage to fight to bring back the series.

We’ve never written to Mr. Biller before and he needs to understand just how hard the fandom has worked to bring the show back and how much they still want it nearly two years later.

So what do you have to do? Send Ken Biller an imaginative, creative, and persuasive post card or letter each week in February; copy your creative snail mailing electronically and submit that to the contest; and wait for an email.

Terry Goodkind has graciously contributed the grand prize (you have to read this post for all the details) for the contest but there are OTHER prizes you may win even if you don’t get the top slot.

I don’t want to just copy and paste Laura’s careful instrudtions and steal her thunder. Please read her message in full, follow the links she provides, and join the contest (all the rules are in that one post). This may be our best shot ever at bringing Legend of the Seeker back into production.

So don’t just sit there yelling and screaming “YES! YES! LET’S DO IT!” Just get started. Now.

Thank you. Good luck to all of us.

ON EDIT: One more thing. Please help promote the contest! Here are a few ideas to help you do that:

  • Share links to Laura’s post ( http://legendofseeker.livejournal.com/993899.html ) on all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, et. al.
  • Share links to Laura’s post on any science fiction or entertainment forums or mailing lists you participate in.
  • Write a blog post about the contest like I have.
  • Ask your friends and relatives to join the contest and help promote it.
  • Create a cool graphic to promote the contest and put it on your blog or Website.
  • Create an 8×11 flyer to promote the contest and post it on bulletin boards at your schools, community centers, local science fiction book stores, gaming shops, etc.
  • Share scans of your creative flyers at the Save Our Seeker Contest Thread on the LOTS.Org forum.
  • If you have a podcast or radio show, mention the contest to your listeners.
  • Ask your local science fiction and fantasy meetup, book club, or fan group to join the contest and help promote it.


  1. please bring back legend of the seeker. it is a lot better than saturday night live

  2. Please bring us back the seeker…….i love the show

  3. Bring back the seeker pliiz

  4. I want to write to Ken Biller, but can you tell me where to send my letter?

  5. Sam, I apologize for not responding sooner. Haven’t been feeling well. Although the contest is now over you can still write to Ken Biller through the contact information [url=http://legendofseeker.livejournal.com/993899.html]Laura provided[/url].

  6. More Craig Horner… More LOTS….:) ras

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