Craig Horner Is Now On Twitter

January 31, 2012

Legend of the Seeker fans warmly welcomed Craig Horner to Twitter this week as the quiet star of the TV show signed on with a handle that reflects his involvement with the band Earth For Now. @efncraighorner @craig_horner thanked his fans for the January 24 birthday Tweetathon and he gently reminded fandom that @bridgetregan‘s birthday is February 3.

You can learn more about Earth For Now from their official Website. They also have an @EarthForNow Twitter account.

Seeker fans are planning to celebrate Bridget’s birthday here (LOTS.org Forum) and here (Confessor and Seeker Society Forum).



  1. I followed him right away when I learned that he came back to twitter

  2. Welcome… great to hear Craig is well and HB Bridget… my day too.

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