State of the Save Our Seeker Movement

January 24, 2012

Legend of the Seeker fandom is alive and well, and still working to keep this show visible in as many was as possible. Tomorrow morning (my time — or Eastern Time) fans around the world will be using Twitter to wish #craighorner a happy birthday from 12 PM to 2 PM Eastern Time.

If you cannot join in the Tweetathon live but have Tweetdeck or can download it to your computer, you can use that to schedule Tweets (a max of 1 per minute). So while it will be great if you can schedule 120 Tweets, you may want to space them out if you don’t have that many Tweets to schedule. Try not to be repetitive. You can check this thread (LOTS.org forum) or this discussion (Confessor & Seeker Society) for more information.

I’m also glad to note that the official Legend of the Seeker Facebook Page now has 400,000+ followers. Our next milestone will be 500,000 followers and we’re hoping to cross that line by this summer. You can help spread the word about the page to your friends and visitors to your blogs/Websites.

And though I have not seen much discussion about it, according to the Confessor and Seeker Society Bridget Regan has a birthday coming up. I checked around and I think that will be February 3 (I should know, I should know). Look for more information on the fan forums.

Jessica Marais (who played the Mord Sith Denna) celebrates her birthday on January 29.

In other news, according to this post on the LOTS.org forum, Disney in Russia is now showing Legend of the Seeker so we can expect to be joined by new fans from Russia.

And do you remember MOTHER CONFESSOR DAY? We will be observing that again this year (if *I* have anything to say about that). In the United Kingdom Mother Confessor Day is March 18. In the United States Mother Confessor Day is May 13. Watch the fan forums for discussion of which day we’ll be celebrating, and how. Maybe this year both days will be marked.

And in case you’re wondering if fans are still writing to networks, asking them to pick up the third season of the series, the answer is YES. Just this week sot_fan published another Journey Book campaign announcement.

We have some really dedicated fans, and they are taking inspiration from other shows that have been revived. It’s not too late to Save the Seeker. Just keep on keepin’ on, and introduce your friends to the show through Netflix and Hulu.

Let’s go, fans! Save Our Seeker! Give Terry Goodkind some good news to share with his Sword of Truth readers.

Be sure to follow the @seekerfans Twitter account.


  1. […] have published some links and information on the Save The Seeker blog at WordPress.com in a State of the Save Our Seeker Movement article. You can find out more there about fan intentions to celebrate the birthdays for Jessica […]

  2. Now this is a great reliever :_)

  3. I alrady greet him in my twitter although I’m a little bit advance in time I’ll make sure I’ll be there when the twittathon moves

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