Legend of the Seeker fans to Celebrate Craig Horner’s birthday on Jan 24, 2012

December 28, 2011

Legend of the Seeker TV star Craig Horner has been keeping a low profile this year but his fans are still working to bring him back as the hero of the Terry Goodkind-inspired TV show. On January 24 Craig Horner and Legend of the Seeker fans around the world will be Tweeting #craighorner from 12 PM to 2 PM Eastern Time (New York/Washington, D.C./Miami).

You can get regular (or irregular, depending on my schedule) updates for what is happening with LOTS fandom by following the SeekerFans Twitter account (@seekerfans).

Or check out the updates posted at The Confessor and Seeker Society forum, the Legend of the Seeker Fan Forum, or the Save Our Seeker site.

As you can see, Seeker fandom hasn’t given up. We’re not going away. We’ll continue to show our support for a great TV show and we’ll continue to let the networks can studios know that 2,000,000+ American fans and millions of others around the world are ready and waiting to pick up with Season 3.

The show wasn’t cancelled because of bad ratings: it was cancelled because the Tribune Company went into bankruptcy and pulled 1/3 of the Seeker’s American TV stations out of the distribution channel. The studio was unable to find another network to pick up the show before the cast and crew had to be released from their contracts.

Shows can come back. It’s not over until the fans say it’s over.

Terry Goodkind would still love to see this show continue, or maybe get some movies made. We can support him and see our franchise grow. Legend of the Seeker is based on Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels.

You can currently watch the first season at both Netflix and Hulu. Hulu was offering both seasons the last time I checked.



  1. Why not cancel a perfectly good and entertaining tv show and leave all the other reality garbages on?
    I red the books after i saw the show and i’m just sad that how much potential this show would have had if they would have continued it.
    I guess the show never even got to the good parts in the books,the war between the Imperial Order and the New World especialy FOTF and Confessor books my favorites.
    Tbh shows like LoTS,Firefly,Farscape,SGU etc.live even more vividly in our memories due to the ruthless way they were canceled.
    At least LoTS would deserve a few tv movies to end the story arc.

    • I agree with D. above message! PLEASE BRING Legend of the seeker back, with same cast! I know over 198 members who are as anxious as i am to watch seasson 3!

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