Legend of the Seeker fans announce Nov 1 24-hour Tweetathon

October 31, 2011

The intrepid fans at the Legend of the Seeker forums have targeted tomorrow, November 1, for a 24-hour Tweetathon. They are calling all fans around the globe to celebrate the anniversary of the first premier date of Legend of the Seeker, the syndicated TV show based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels.

The show was only cancelled because the Tribune Company went into bankruptcy, switching to low-production-cost shows to fill out its schedule and leaving the Seeker with only 2/3 of its previous market share. Although the show continued to perform well in remaining markets it could not raise enough revenue to keep going.

Efforts to find a network in time for a third season fell through but fans have not given up. They are working hard to let the cable and TV industry they still want to see the rest of the SOT novels produced either as TV shows or films.

Led by the Save Our Seeker fan site, the 24-hour Tweetathon is intended to prove that Seeker fandom is still strong and loyal.

The Seekerfans, Xenite.Org, and SF-Fandom Twitter accounts will all participate in the 24-hour Tweetathon.

Here’s hoping you dust off your old Twitter account and help to make things happen!

Save the Seeker!



  1. Thank you Michael!
    -laura, saveourseeker.com

    • You’re very welcome. I only wish I could be as involved with the campaign as I was in early 2010.

  2. Thank you for the plug for LOTS and what we as fans are still trying to do…. get more LOTS….ras

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