Shifting SaveTheSeeker posts to SF-Fandom

September 27, 2010

Until further notice, all future Save The Seeker news posts will be shared at SF-Fandom, where I have begun consolidating my blogging. I appreciate the support this blog has received from the Seeker fandom but I’ve got too many commitments to keep up with for the foreseeable future.


  1. save the seeker!!!! i love that show!! i have been watching it since it originaly came out. and was waiting for the next season when i hurd about this thread. save the seeker!!!!

    • I too have followed the seeker since the start..No one can accuse the networks for being bright when it comes to great shows..Look back several years back when the idiots tried to cancel Babylon 5 ..scifi net took it and made tons of cash..just keep bugging these lame ass people to keep the show and let it run its course..It helps..Hope that another network will pick it up as many other shows have..We could waste time listing shows that these so called m******s canceled but maybe they ought to get a different job,,Like sweeping/mopping
      the floor or hell just let them go outside and play in the dirt…Enough said ? lol

    • I am from The Philippines and I want the LOTS!!!! Do not deprive us of the BEST TV SERIES EVER made!It is like watching the Lord of Rings every time and that means it is an AWARD WINNING TV Series. You can not blame us that there is only “low rating on this movie” or that it was “watched by less viewers” for it was your VERY POOR promotion of the movie that led to its downfall and DEFINITELY NOT THE ACTORS coz they are the best actors EVER!!

  2. pls i want more of legend of the seeker. U guys are the bomb. longlive seeker, longlive mother confessor, longlive wizard of the first order Zeddicus Zul Zorander, longlive mistress cara

  3. bonjour,

    j’ecris ce commentaire cart je veux revoir la série.
    C’est une serie qu’il faut continuer l’histoire est génial.

    Je suis français et je suis dpeuis le début.

    Je serai vraiment déçu si la serie ne continuait pas

  4. Im not sure its gonna work but lets try… Save the seeker!

  5. je viens de terminer la seconde saison…totalement fan de la série… la troisième svp..en attendant je commence à lire la série complète

  6. Yes save the seeker, definitely love the show’

  7. We want more of the seeker, it’s a great series, every episode is unique, and the actors are just so incredible, they really give justice to their roles. Yes, bring back the seeker to the Midlands, we need a seeker.

  8. Long live the confessor’

  9. I love LOTS! It’s my favorite show. Hopefully someone will pick it up and it will go back on the air soon. It’s a great show and deserves air time. Go Seeker!!!

  10. Bonjours il faut qu’il y est a tout pris une suite cette série et magnifique !!!!!!! Je veux la suite !!!!!! S’il vous plait

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