SyFy’s Craig Engler asks LOTs fans to stop tweeting

August 17, 2010

The collective tweeting @syfy has now become abusive and Craig Engler is asking fans of Legend of the Seeker to stop pummeling him with Tweets about the canceled show.

The problem is not with the SyFy Twitter account — the problem is that the fans are once again asking an unempowered person to make something happen.

We need to increase our positive, professional visibility rather than just become the eye-rolling annoyance that people in the TV industry will ignore.

They know we’re here. They know what we want. We just need to find ways to help improve the economic equation for ABC Studios and any network that wants to take on 1.7 million to 2.5 million passionate fans.

We won’t Save The Seeker by alienating every television executive and network out there.


  1. Out of all the networks. Cbs should be the one we direct our cause to. Cbs respects their shows. unlike Abc and Nbc. If Seeker could make on Cbs, it would be set for life. D/ out

    • I feel bad that he is getting bothered by it but I must admit I’m happy to hear that LOTS fans are pushing SyFy a little bit. I think it’s a good channel for the show. They also carry Merlin which is a great fantasy show as well

  2. People should not have been overly tweeting to SyFy…it is deffinately seem as abusive and it makes LOTS look bad because the fans also represent LOTS on behalf D:
    Formal letter writing is always good though, even if you sent millions, it doesn’t feel abusive but more sincere!

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