Announcing Operation LOTS More

August 11, 2010

I have written a lengthy post at the LOTS.org forum explaining Operation LOTS More. In brief, Operation LOTS More is an online publicity campaign intended to help build visibility and awareness of the Legend of the Seeker fan community’s efforts to bring back the show.

Operation LOTS More is the second pro bono campaign I’ll be organizing through my newly launched Xenite.Org Publicity service. At this time Xenite Publicity is ONLY doing pro bono campaigns on behalf of the science fiction and fantasy community.

Operation LOTS More is not replacing or in any way intended to diminish the efforts of other Seeker fans to promote their initiatives. Anyone and everyone who would have been publishing press releases, talking to the media, or otherwise announcing/promoting their or other fans’ efforts to save the show should continue to do what they are doing.

Operation LOTS More will promote itself as it promotes fan activities.

You can contribute to the campaign in various ways. Please see the Operation LOTS More discussion at LOTS.org for futher information.

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