Seeker fans raise $3600 for Hollywood Reporter ad in 1 week

August 10, 2010

sot_fan posted this announcement in the LOTS.org forum a couple of days ago.

Mission Accomplished!

We reached our fundraising goal of $3,600 this evening (August 6th) in less than a week… with a little bit of help from our Comic-Con & Dragon-Con ad agency

Thank you everyone for ALL your generous donations and kindness. And thank you again Marlusrahl for letting us use your fantastic Team Awesome design. Those mugs are going like hot cakes!!

And earlier today sot_fan added: “If everything goes as planned, we should have our full page, B/W ad on “The Hollywood Reporter” on Friday, August 20.”

Congratulations, Seeker fans! That’s the spirit! We’re not done yet, no matter how many props they sell on eBay!

Save our Seeker so I can shut this blog down for good!

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