Psst! Be a Secret Seeker Supporter this fall!

August 10, 2010

LOTS.org forum user Seekeroftruth46 has announced a daring new plan that has quickly received accolades from other fans. You can see the discussion in this thread but here is what Seekeroftruth46 had to say:

I’m thinking about running my own Solo Save our Seeker campaign and what I mean by solo is that when the college semester starts, I will anonymously post Save our Seeker posters that I will have printed out post them around at certain parts of the school…I haven’t done much to contribute and this was an idea I had.

Of course I would want to do it anonymously because College Professors might frown on something like that.

I don’t know if college professors would frown on students expressing their passion for a television show but I like the idea of the mystery behind the posters. You can turn this into an interesting campus game and subtly change the posters every week (or maybe obviously change them).

Most if not all college campuses should have plenty of bulletin boards and other places where posters can be put up without incurring anyone’s wrath.

So, those of you in college, here is your opportunity to up the ante in the Save Our Seeker stakes! Legend of the Seeker deserves a college cult following. If you buy the DvDs you can organize Seeker viewing parties. Halloween is a great time to encourage your friends to dress up as Seeker characters, too.



  1. I did this at my university a few months ago. My university allows posters, they just take down all posters once a week to clean up the campus. I guess it all depends on university. Also, I know the starbucks down the street from me allows cards to be tacked to their wall so maybe a postcard sized poster would be good in coffee shops like these?

  2. College is an EXCELLENT place to spread the word. A very fitting demographic as well as an area where people have the chance to actually discuss the show in person. If the show had been advertised properly in the first place, it would already be a smash hit on campus!

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