Bring the Legend of the Seeker to Hallowcon this October

August 10, 2010

Hey folks! I’ve got a friend who runs a Halloween costume con in eastern Tennessee. It’s called Hallowcon. I now live too far away to attend the convention but any of you within driving distance of Knoxville, TN/Ringgold, GA who have Seeker costumes should think about going to Hallowcon.

The convention is being held right off of I-75 and it’s usually a smash hit with local fans. There are usually people visiting from other regional conventions so it’s a great place to make connections with the SMOFs of Georgia and Tennessee (SMOF = Secret Master of Fandom, i.e., convention organizer).

Memberships only cost $35. Hallowcon is the place to be when you want to dress up on Halloween. Many costumers will want to save Legend of the Seeker, too, I’m sure.

If you go, tell Dutch Stacy I said “Hi”!


  1. This sounds so much fun!!

  2. bring back the seeker

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