Seeker fans launch the Seeker Devotion Campaign

August 6, 2010

visionhale announced a new initiative to help grow the fandom for Legend of the Seeker today. It is called the Seeker Devotion Campaign and the goal is to increase awareness for and appreciation of Legend of the Seeker through various popular Websites. Here is visionhale’s plan:

With higher ratings and glowing reviews, more people will be willing to give the series a try for themselves and see exactly what we like about it. There have are countless Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans out there who have no idea LotS even exists, our job with the Seeker Devotion Campaign is to make sure they know how special LotS is once they discover this amazing series.

The premise is simple, no? All you have to do is register at the site in question (which is always free), rate the series/DVD, and if you feel like being extra awesome you can write your own review for the series, listing what you liked and what you’d like to see in future seasons.

Since this campaign is about increasing the rating for LotS as a way to draw in more viewers, we would prefer if you gave LotS perfect scores. However, we aren’t asking you to lie about your opinion, so please review honestly.Review Aggregators & Databases

Metacritic +
Rotten Tomatoes: Season 1 +, Season 2 + Rental Sites
Blockbuster: Season 1 +, Season 2 +

Netflix: Season 1 +, Season 2Stores
Amazon: Season 1, Season 2

Barnes & Noble: Season 1, Season 2

Best Buy: Season 1, Season 2 +

Walmart: Season 1, Season 2

Target: Season 1

Newegg (nerdy site, it’s quite possible a lot of its traffic would be into fantasy): Season 1 +Digital Download
iTunes: Season 1, Season 2*Listings with a + are in need of improved ratings, or have no ratings at all.


  1. I love Legend of the Seeker and have been supporting it through its entire campaign. However it has become disheartening to watch/notice the vast amount of key props being sold from the show on ebay. Everything from Kahlans white Mother Confessor gown to Caras MordSith outfit, the Journey Book, even to weapons. It has become very depressing thinking that all this time, energy, and money is probably being wasted on something that may not come to pass in the end. How could a movie be created, or even the creation of season 3, when so many things are being taken away/sold from the show?

    • I understand how you feel but shows have been revived after being shut down in the past. There is no reason to assume that cannot happen here. Heck, Lucy Lawless is supposedly still hoping for a Xena: Warrior Princess movie (although I’m not sure how they would explain that — but then, death doesn’t mean anything in the Xenaverse).

      Don’t give up hope. Props can be replaced. Fans are not so easy to replace.

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