SOT_Fan posts Seeker convention promotion kit

August 5, 2010

If you are planning to attend any science fiction conventions this year or next year, check out SOT_Fan’s “Seeker ‘Promotion Kit'” post at the LOTS.org forums. Here is a scrape of the text but I don’t have time to include the links. Please be sure you actually check out the forum post:

Seeker “Promotion Kit”
A few of you have contacted sos.com recently to ask how to redo the iTunes episodes promotion, and what other giveaways can be done inexpensively at the Cons, so here are few ideas, plus all the details about the iTunes cards. Most files are editable. As a reminder Michael Martinez is keeping a fandom calendar.

Giveaways & Flyers
iTunes cards: PDF | MS Word | Apple Pages
DVDTalk.com S1 DVD review (we do have permission to distribute without altering the article): PDF
Terry Goodkind’s spice soup recipe card (good to promote both the books & the show): PDF | MS Word | Apple Pages
Generic flyer: PDF | MS Word | Apple Pages
[Note: People tend to pick up very few flyers, so 30-50 copies are usually more than enough.]

iTunes Episode Postcards

1. Download postcard template.

2. We used Vistaprint.com to print color postcards. They charged ~$180 for 1000 color copies, 5×7 inch cards. Best prices I’ve seen. B&W might be cheaper.

3. On the card, we asked people to send an email to request the episodes. It’s best to create a unique email address for your iTunes promo. Pls also note, we are sending Standard Definition episodes “Prophecy” & “Destiny” – rather than HD. “Prophecy and Destiny” are one episode on iTunes, and SD is $1.99. [We did contact Apple to buy the episodes in bulk and print a unique redemption code on the cards, but Apple discontinued that particular program].

4. Once we receive the request, we send the episodes via email using the following text (500 words is the max. on iTunes):

Thank you for requesting “Legend of the Seeker” premiere episodes, “Prophecy” and “Destiny”.

Please follow the instructions below to redeem these episodes.

Also, for a chance to win “Legend of the Seeker” Season 1 on DVD, please write a review on iTunes after watching the premiere, and email your review information to contact@saveourseeker.com. We’ll choose three reviews from all of the entries received. Reviews must be submitted by September 15, 2010.

Enjoy the show!

Best regards,


We don’t include the download instructions because iTunes adds those automatically. The instructions say:

You have received an iTunes Store Gift from SaveOurSeeker.com. To redeem your gift, click Redeem Now above. You will be asked to verify your account, and then your gift will begin to download to your account immediately. You must have the latest version of iTunes to redeem this gift.

For 100 postcards you’ll give away, you can expect 5 people to request the episodes. It may seem low, but it’s actually pretty standard for marketing campaigns. And it’s still good exposure for the show.

REMEMBER: There are LINKS for you to click on in the forum post (not here on the blog).

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