Save Our Seeker raising funds for new ad

August 5, 2010

So according to the August 2nd update on this page, only $925 of the needed $3600 for a new campaign ad has been raised so far. Here is a snippet from the SOS page:

SOS.com Fundraiser
As promised in this forum post and thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to roll out a poster ad campaign at Comic-Con International in San Diego together with iTunes episode giveaways. Both promos will be repeated at DragonCon, in Atlanta, September 3-6. Please also refer to this post to read about the SOS campaign strategy and how fans’ money has been spent/allocated to date.

Now more than ever, we need to make sure TV network execs and producers are aware of all the fans’ initiatives to promote “Legend of the Seeker”. And that’s the goal of the new Journey Book Campaign which – funds permitting, we’d like to augment with a NEW advertisement in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ at the end of August.

In order to buy the ad on THR, which will cost $3,600, we’re starting a new fundraiser. Please take a look at the “Thank You” gifts with Marlusrahl’s design we’d like to offer to the generous fans that are able to contribute funds to sos.com. The thermometer on the right shows our progress against the goal and will be updated twice to three times per week (last updated on August 2nd).

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