Starz not picking up Legend of the Seeker

July 23, 2010

LOTsInfo posted this in a comment:

F(lash) F(orward) fans stole the idea (of calling networks) off LOTS fans. Here is a list of all the responses from Starz regarding Seeker and the final outcome:


Starz will not be picking up seeker as they couldn’t work out a deal with Disney/Abc.


  1. What the hell is wrong with ABC?

  2. I guess no one wants to pay the $1.5M per episode that LOTS costs.

    I still don’t know why ABC/Disney won’t just produce the shows themselves and show LOTS on prime time evenings, as it would get very good ratings that way, instead of one of their other shows.

    Looks like no one will pick up LOTS for Season 3: let’s hope there will eventually be a mini-series or full length motion picture for LOTS to continue the great storyline, and hope they bring back the original actors for Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd, and Denna…

  3. We’ve got to show ABC that there is profit to be made from Seeker.

    2 seasons are not even close to enough. That’s just unacceptable.

  4. It cost CBS $2 million per episode of “Nash Bridges.”

  5. I read the comments on the link. I haven’t seen anything that confirms that Starz is NOT picking up the show. I don’t want to give up hope or have wishful thinking, but I just don’t see any confirmation either way at this point.

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