Flash Forward fans have been calling the networks

July 20, 2010

Friends, I am STILL not feeling very well but I noticed this story today and felt it was just too important to let slide. According to TV Overmind, fans of the cancelled show Flash Forward have been calling the networks (as in phone calling) to ask them to pick up their show.

It’s never too late to start a telephone campaign for Legend of the Seeker. If this idea has already been picked up by the LOTS fandom, I apologize for being out of touch.

Here is an excerpt from the article with a telephone number for Starz:

Fans are being encouraged to call Starz and make the case for FlashForward, an option available through the toll-free number 866-888-4010 (provided by the group). Starz would be in the best position to host the show, considering they recently nabbed star Joseph Fiennes for their new series Camelot. Some fans complain about having to pay for Starz (a pay cable channel), though others assure them that Starz shows are available through Netflix (speaking of which, subscription to Starz might soon become a necessity, thanks to their surge in original programming, including the BBC co-production of Torchwood season four).

Don’t give up. We can still save the Seeker.


  1. We had been getting similar responses from Starz about LotS, but today they changed to “the series has been discontinued”. 😐

    Hope you get better soon, Michael.

  2. Thanks for picking up on this. It is confusing how everyone is changing their tune, I wish they’d at least say ‘no’ or ‘there is a chance’ already!

  3. FF fans stole the idea off LOTS fans. Here is a list of all the responses from Starz regarding Seeker and the final outcome:


    Starz will not be picking up seeker as they couldn’t work out a deal with Disney/Abc.

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