Warning: Backlinksforum.com link spammers abusing forums and blogs

July 15, 2010

Seeker fans, I do apologize for being so quiet lately. I AM still ill though feeling somewhat better. However, I need to share some information with you as many of you run forums and/or blogs.

There is an extremely disreputable group of fake search engine marketers based at a Website called Backlinksforum.com. These people advocate the most unethical of linking practices — invasive tactics that take advantage of unsuspecting forum and blog operators. Backlinksforum.com is at this time running a “link building” contest where they require participants to link to their member profile pages on Backlinksforum.com. These people are not doing your blogs or forums any favors by dropping their spammy links on your sites.

In fact, Google announced some months ago that it may penalize any Website that allows these kinds of faux links to remain embedded on their sites. Now I realize that doesn’t seem fair to innocent Webmasters like you and me but believe me you do NOT want your visitors to click on those links. Many of those sites do host malware and none of them are really worth visiting for any reason.

Unfortunately, these Web spammers often use low-cost workers in countries like India, Pakistan, China, and the Philippines to get past the CAPTCHAs and registration confirmation processes that many of us use to block or reduce Web spam accounts. But you should still make an effort to ensure that your site doesn’t end up on these Web spammers’ lists of sites to victimize with their filthy link dropping tactics.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Delete ALL user accounts whose member profiles link back to backlinksforum.com
  • Modify your robots.txt file to block search engine crawlers from indexing your member profile pages (you can just put “Disallow: *profile* if you don’t know exactly how to do this)
  • Turn on all confirming functions that help your forums and blogs verify user accounts, including email confirmation and use of CAPTCHA images
  • Ban all domain names that are associated with these member profile accounts so they cannot be used to create new accounts
  • Look for any user profiles that include the word “man” in any profile field like “interests” — this is an indication that the user account was created with software
  • Delete ALL user accounts that are awaiting confirmation after 1 day
  • Delete ALL user accounts that have 0 post counts and which were registered with odd looking domain names

If you know anything about the “rel=’nofollow'” link attribute, you should also make sure that attribute is turned on for any links people leave in comments on your blogs or on member profile pages and in member signatures (if you have that ability).

Don’t let people like Tom Goodwin and the link spamming community at Backlinksforum.com spoil your visitors’ good experiences. Don’t let them get your sites penalized by allowing their unethical links to stay on your sites.

You can help your friends who also run blogs and forums by sharing this warning.

I have been writing about search engine optimization for several years at the SEO Theory blog. You can read about this link spam contest and other techniques in the Web spam category at the blog.

And for those who are wondering when I’ll be back on watch for Legend of the Seeker fandom, I think I’ll be able to keep the blog updated starting next week. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and comments.

If you ever decide to get involved with Web marketing, don’t follow the advice of unethical spammers like Tom Goodwin and the people at Backlinksforum.com. There are far better, more reputable sources of information (such as the Highrankings.com site and SEO Theory).

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