SOS Team launches new ad campaign, seeks more funding

June 18, 2010

The team at Save Our Seeker have listened to fan ideas for what to do next and have settled on building a solid fan base movement through major science fiction conventions. Here is a message that SOT Fan posted on Thursday in the LOTS.org Forum.

SOS.com Game Plan & Fundraisers
Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting this update.

In the past few weeks, we looked at many different advertising opportunities and contacted many, many vendors to get quotes. We looked at billboards, video projections, mobile ads (on trucks), mass transit ads, aerial advertising, posters, and even murals and pavement advertising. And it took longer than expected for some of these vendors to get back to us.

There are a number of upcoming conventions, and these are the best opportunities to introduce genre fans to “Legend of the Seeker”. The International Comic Con in San Diego, for example, will draw 120,000 attendees.

We’d like to focus our next advertising projects and fan involvement on the upcoming big conventions: Comic Con International (San Diego, July), Dragon*Con (Atlanta, September), and NY Comic Con (October). This also means that our fundraising efforts will be on raising funds to buy promotional opportunities at these events – both inside the venues and outside, in city hosting the events.

We currently have $4,000 in the SOS PayPal account, which is enough to buy some ads for Comic Con, and of course, if we can raise a little bit more money, we can do more. Later today, we should get a quote to advertise on the San Diego Trolley. The trolley stops in downtown San Diego, right by the Convention Center where Comic Con will take place. I’ll post an update as soon as I hear from the vendor.

With the funds we currently have, we can do a couple of things that would be high impact and cost effective:

1. San Diego Trolley ads (assuming the vendor quote will fit our budget).
2. Rip-away posters. See pics.

Any overage could roll over to produce some small giveaways for the freebie table at Comic Con and other events.

Plans may change at the drop of a hat if we get a special deal. For example, unsold billboards, that are usually billed for 4 weeks, are sold at a dirt cheap price for 2 weeks. We just have to be agile enough to grab these opportunities.

Hope you’ll like the plan.

– laura & sos.com team

p.s. We’re also working on a fundraiser incentive. We just don’t have anything concrete right now. Also, no incentive is big enough to thank this generous fandom. None of this would be possible without your support and energy.


  1. they cant cancel the seeker i love that show i have been watching since day one and i never missed an episode. i even have the 1st box set. they cant just cant end it there. they are leaving all of us clueless on what happens to
    Richard and Kahlan, of the rest. do they find away around Kahlans powers so they can have a family with kids. come one man do do this the seeker rules and it would be really bad. come on please let there be a season 3 please please please please. it isnt worth starting something if you are not going to finish it or finish it like you did.

  2. If only there was a way to combine this effort with Tabasco sauce, I think it would be successful.


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