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June 18, 2010

The LOTS Video Team posted the following message at the LegendoftheSeeker.org forum. I am passing it on.

LOTSvideo: Confessions of the Midlands Casting Call
Calling all Actors, Comedians, Thespians and Hams: The LOTSvideo crew is putting out a Casting Call for a LOTS based Youtube mini-series called:

Confessions of the Midlands!

Hey guys, the LOTSvideo team has a new project in the works, and once again we’ll need your help to make it happen. Keep in mind this is NOT a collaboration video, but we do have a new one coming up soon.

This project could be summed up as The Office meets the Midlands, and it will have the same recurring characters for each episode. To participate you will need to create your own character and answer questions as your character would a la a reality show confessional. If you are interested, you’ll need to “audition” by following the directions at the end of this post. From the pool of auditioners we’ll pick our favorites to cast as ‘confessees’. So if you enjoy acting, read on for the project and application details…

So here’s the scenario: The Keeper has been defeated, life has been preserved and peace has been reestablished in the Seeker’s world…until an even more treacherous, more sinister villain appeared in the Midlands, instilling fear and uncertainty into the hearts of all who dwell there. Its dark forces spread to D’hara and Westland as well, forcing all occupants to flee or perish. Who is this foe, you ask, that even the Seeker and his true-hearted companions could not defeat on their own? It’s none other than…Cancellation!!!

Now all the occupants of Westland, the Midlands and D’hara have been relocated to our world. They must navigate this realm, and attempt to find jobs, homes and happiness. All while trying to blend in with all the pristinely ungifted locals! And for many of them, that’s easier said than done.

We will be following them this summer, interviewing them about their relocation and their past interactions with the seeker. We’ll ask open-ended questions, and the person “confessing” will respond to the prompt as they see fit. The chosen fan-created characters will be given a different prompt twice a month, and the fan will answer based on their character’s biography.

We are looking for humorous juxtapositions, such as a D’haran soldier working at McDonalds or a Mord Sith taking up babysitting. If you have access to a costume or are willing to buy/make/rent one that’s all the more fantastic, but as the characters are “off duty” it’s not entirely necessary. All that is necessary is that the character is well thought out, entertaining in their own way, and completely unique. There are mord siths, D’haran soldiers, rebel fighters, sisters of the light/dark, merchants, monks, and many more castes of characters from which to pull inspiration. And it is important to note that we will not consider applications from fans playing Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd or any other character from the actual show. They should be your creations, as you will be the one acting them out. Here is an example of the kind of thing we are looking for.

The hope is to highlight the humor of these fictional fish-out-of-water scenarios, and we’ll end each week’s episode with a request that these characters be sent back where they belong (aka…a request for a season 3).

In case you are wondering, why we would decide to create a project that doesn’t involve every fan, this project is designed to entertain the fandom, while also bringing in more outsider attention and possibly raising money for the SOS campaign through the Youtube advertisement program.

Application Information:
If you are interested in creating your own character for this, you will need to create a 2-3 minute sample “confession” video in which you answer the question “How has your life changed since the Cancellation occurred?” Remember that your character is now living in our world. You will also find a Character Worksheet below to help you create your character/give you inspiration.

We have no set number of regulars in mind right now, but we’d like to have at least 5 cast members.
Send your videos to LOTSvideo@gmail.com
The deadline for audition video submission is July 1st at 11pm EST.

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with,
The LOTSvideo Team


Confessions of the Midlands Characterization Sheet

* Name/Nickname/Alias:
* Give a brief biography with any interesting information about your family:
* Occupation in the Midlands/Occupation Now:
* Where are you living now?
* Any memories of the Seeker or his crew?:
* First reactions to the real world?
* Do you have a significant other? Is he/she also a Midlander?
* Do you have a role model?
* Happiest memory/Worst memory?
* What’s your best character trait?/worst?
* How would others describe you?
* Do you have a sense of humor?
* Are you ambitious?
* What’s your motto or philosophy on life?
* Do you have any habitual mannerisms?
* What’s your biggest fear?
* What’s you biggest pet peeve?
* What’s your biggest secret?


  1. If I had the time to commit to this, I’d ADORE doing this! Brilliant idea, I’ll be watching, and hopefully sometime participating!

  2. That’s quite a project.

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