Cine TV Buzz interviews Bridget Regan

June 14, 2010

You can watch two videos (in English) of Bridget answering fan questions as Cine TV Buzz talks with her at the Monte Carlo TV Festival here. She says in answer to the first question that ABC/Disney are definitely done with Legend of the Seeker. She says repeatedly that they are hoping someone else will come along to pick up the show.


  1. Should I panic or remain hopeful? I don’t know.

    • I wouldn’t panic but I think that, for all intents and purposes, Disney/ABC is out of the picture. At this point, fans have to hope that another production company steps in to fulfill whatever void ABC’s exit has created. It sounds to me like everyone else involved with the show is still hopeful that some sort of deal can be worked somewhere.

      But they may or may not have the same sense of urgency that fans have operated under for months. By now it’s absolutely too late to get a series into production for Fall 2010. Maybe it’s possible to do the summer of 2011 but more likely we’d have to hope for Fall 2011, I think — or a movie or a mini-series or maybe some sort of direct-to-DvD production (but I’m starting to feel that is unlikely, too).

      • so in other words we should give up?

      • I’m still here. I’d still like to see someone pick up the show. But you have to decide for yourself when you’re ready to stop asking for the next installment.

        Star Trek fans waited 10 years for the first movie.

        Star Wars fans waited 16 years for the saga to begin (after watching its ending).

        We waited 25 years to see a full Battlestar Galactica franchise unfold.

        Indiana Jones fans were told repeatedly there would never be a fourth movie.

        This is fandom. Things happen but they don’t always happen as quickly as we’d like.

  2. As much as i like bridget… we already know this… this is WHY there is a campaign…. to change their minds. and they’re only ‘done’ because they cant see a way to make profit. if fans get a network interested… they’ll see $$ and things will change. plus, we cant change direction until we know for sure which other direction to go in. but its hopeful because we’ll either manage to change their minds and turn things around OR another production company can take over the show. no-one panic.

  3. Well, I sure as hell don’t want to wait 10 or 20 years for something to happen.

    I’d settle for a 3rd season midway through the 2010-2011 season or summer 2011.

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