Michael Rahl organizing Seeker fan rally/convention central

June 11, 2010

Several people have asked me how you become the key person in any of these Seeker campaign activities. The simple answer is that you step up to the plate and volunteer to take a swing at it. The Save Our Seeker team is not employed by anyone and they did not designate this blog as the leading Save the Seeker blog.

That’s how fandom works: you see a need, you feel compelled to take care of it, and you do something. Sometimes two or more people try to do the same thing; sometimes people try to do too much.

We need to support each other.

So Michael Rahl has stepped forward and offered the use of this Legend of the Seeker Support Rallies forum for fans to share information, organize gatherings, learn tips, etc.

Let’s all support the effort, especially as people are now starting to ask more often how you get news coverage of fan activities. As I told someone who PM’d me at the LOTS.org forum, the news media want to see stuff that hasn’t been done before or where large groups of people are involved.

If we can get 1,000 fans to one of Michael Rahl’s rallies, I am pretty sure the media will take notice.

Simply telling your local TV station or newspaper you and other people are trying to save the Seeker isn’t really newsworthy. But an event that draws in hundreds or thousands of people — that will make the evening news.

The SF-Fandom Science Fiction Events Calendar accepts information about upcoming movies, television premiers, conventions, and other events that are significant to science fiction and fantasy. We will do our best to help promote fan activities through the calendar.

The Legend of the Seeker.org Convention Circuit Discussion is another place where you can get ideas and information about Seeker gatherings at science fiction conventions.

The Confessor and Seeker Society’s Season 3 Planning Area also has some convention-related threads.

We have active discussions and people are trying to organize things at a local level. Michael Rahl has offered to help shepherd the fan groups into putting together a worldwide Seeker Event Movement. He didn’t call it that — I AM. And that is what it needs to be.

You can do your part by supporting Michael and by figuring out how you can get involved with your local fandom.

Another resource you might want to consider is Meetup.Com. At this time, there are only 2 Legend of the Seeker Meetup groups. You can change that.

Meetups are usually small events but in larger cities you can run into some very influential people if they share your interests. I connected with the Houston Lord of the Rings Line Party guy through meetups — his events drew up to 3,000 people for the fan-run line parties in 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Seeker fandom will literally become whatever we make of it. No one else is going to do that for us. You may feel a bit lost in getting started but there are experienced people involved in these forum discussions who are ready and willing to share advice and tips.

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