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June 11, 2010

You may recall that in mid-May we announced that a Spanish-language SciFi site would do a feature on Legend of the Seeker.

Well, that feature has now been published by Federación Española de Fantasía Épica in their June 2010 issue of Imaginarios (Issue No. 4). The issues are published online in Adobe Flash and as they contain MANY pages it does take a while to browse through them.

You can download a .PDF file or print out the pages. The .PDF file seems to run to about 100 MB (I’m still downloading it as I write this) so keep that in mind.

Here is a screen capture I put together from the Flash version of the page with the article about Legend of the Seeker. Click on the image to see a larger size.

Legend of the Seeker article in Spanish-language Imaginarios magazine.

Legend of the Seeker article in Spanish-language Imaginarios magazine.

Down in the lower right-hand corner of the page is a message from Terry Goodkind. There is good reason for why the United Nations is not demanding that I work as one of their translators, but here is my crude attempt to translate his message into English:

Nota del autor para salvar la campana:
Author’s Note about saving the Seeker

“Legend of the Seeker” ha servido como una marvillosa entrada de nuevos puntos para las ricas historias del querido mundo, de Richard Cypher y Kahlan Amnell, los personajes que cree por primera vez en 1992. Como el creador de este mundo y sus personajes, estoy orgulloso de mar mi apoyo a la comunidad de fans de “Save Our Seeker”. Lo que me gusta de esta serie de television es que ofrece una vision al hermoso pero peligroso mundo de mis libros, un mundo que es impulsado por la fuerza y la nobleza de los personajes. Hay muy pocas historias de esta clase de heroes hoy en dia.

“Legend of the Seeker” has served as a marvelous new entry point for the rich histories of the beloved world of Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell, the characters that first appeared in 1992. As the creator of this world and its characters, I’m proud of my support base the fan community for “Save Our Seeker.” What I like about this television series is that it offers a vision of the beautiful but dangerous world of my books, a world that is driven by the strength and nobility of the characters. There are very few stories about this kind of heroes today.

En el mundo de Richard y Kahlan el camino nunca es facil. Este camino no es mas facil. Pero vuestras palabras y vuestros esfuerzos estan consiguiendo ser tenidos en cuenta. Ahora mas que nunca es el momento de salir en apoyo de Richard y Kahlan, y su historia rara, al mantener el show vivo para bien en el mas alla. La serie de television acaba de empezar y hay mucho mas que contar. Con su ayuda, podemos hacer que las cosas passen. Gracias.

In the world of Richard and Kahlan the road is never easy. This road is not easier. But your words and your efforts are being taken into account. Now more than ever is the time to rise in support of Richard and Kahlan, and this rare history, to keep the show alive for good [and beyond ?]. The television series has just started and there is much more to tell. With your help, we can make things happen. Thank you.

Let me excuse my poor translation by saying this: years ago, when I wanted to have my eBook Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth translated into Spanish, I sought help from the Spanish-language Tolkien fans by writing a letter that I translated sentence by sentence from English to Spanish.

I forgot that “ventiladores” means “ventillators” (Babelfish translated my “fans” as in “Tolkien fans” into “Tolkien ventiladores”).

When the Spanish fans finally stopped laughing, one of them kindly wrote back and said, “Dear Michael — We get the message. You need help. We’ll be glad to work with you.”

Somehow, it just seemed like too much trouble to contact the Tolkien Ventiladore communidad (I say that with all respect and love for those great people) to assist me in translating a message that I think was translated from English into Spanish to begin with (apologies to Mr. Goodkind if you actually do speak and write en espanol).

To all the Seeker Ventiladores out there: Aloha!



  1. LOL! That’s the same message on TG’s site.

    I am proud to be a Seeker Ventillator, however. 😛

    • Hm. I didn’t think to look on his site. Doh!

  2. LOL
    Viva España¡¡¡¡
    Your spanish is good, don´t worry¡

  3. Thank you…you did good!! May the rest of us do as well as we keep the campaign going. ras

  4. This is gonna be my favourite

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