UK Seeker fans organizing events to support Legend of the Seeker

June 10, 2010

VampireBait over on DeviantArt is organizing UK fans to show their support for Legend of the Seeker. Here is an excerpt from a nice writeup:

Save our Seeker themed Devmeets
Rally outside Euro disney
Save our seeker booths at cons and other conventions

I think the best thing to do, which would be minimum cost to everyone involved and allow for UK fans all over the country to take part without too much travel, would be to organise, mets/picnics in parks around the country.

Dublin etc etc

all the major places on the same day (ideally the day the US fans march on Disney )

The ultimate goal would be to meet like minded people, have fun and raise awarness of Seeker, maybe even get some new viewers and fans on board.

Another more ambitious addition would be for the same thing to go on in Europe, with our French counter parts setting up outside Euro Disney.

Please read the full article and if you know LOTS fans in the UK and European Union, please let them know about this campaign.

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