More Seeker fan convention gatherings planned

June 10, 2010

If you attend local science fiction conventions of any size, head over to the LOTS.org forum to read this Seeker Convention Circuit discussion I started a while back. It has suggestions for what fans can do to show their support of the show at conventions and there is also a growing list of conventions where fans are planning to get together.

We post many convention announcements in the SF-Fandom SciFi Events Calendar and I have been adding these specific conventions to the calendar. The calendar listings are shown up to 7 days in advance in the SF-Fandom Forums’ home page footer (down near the bottom of the page).

Many local conventions welcome fan group activities. They may have fan tables available, or they may schedule breakout sessions for you if you can show there is enough interest. Their programming books and pocket schedules may offer low-cost advertising rates. Some conventions publish daily newsletters. If you schedule an activity, make sure it’s included in the newsletter.

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