LOTS bus stop ad goes live

June 10, 2010

The Save Our Seeker advertising campaign rolls on with the promised advertisement in the bus shelter/stop across from ABC Studios now live.

LOTS.org forum user oicaxf uploaded this picture of the ad.

Legend of the Seeker fans purchased a full-size ad to show their support for LOTS in this Burbank-area bus shelter.


  1. YES! Thanks to everyone who made it work. Where else could these go? New York or Chicago??? Great!! ras

  2. AHHHHHHHHH! It looks fantastic!
    Chicago and New York would be perfect places for these.

    I’m in Chicago and I know I would not mind seeing these posted all over the city. 😀

  3. Michael, are we sure that’s across from ABC? ABC is 500 500 S. Buena Vista St. This bus shelter is near 548 N. Hollywood way. Looks like the shelter is across from CVS.

    • I cannot be sure of anything. It’s possible I misunderstood the location description when I first read it a few weeks ago. I have been both ill and offline this week (at a conference) and I’m just now starting to get my energy back. I’m trusting the SOS team did their very best to get the ad placed as close to ABC’s office as possible.

    • The bus stop ad is across the street from an Albertsons, CVS, Carl’s Jr.. Warner Bros. is at the beginning south end of Hollywood Way, also at that end is Disney-ABC Networks Group, but there is a Warner Bros. lot #13 or 14 that is across the street about a block south from the bus stop. If you keep heading north on Hollywood Way that would take you to Burbank Airport. At the south end between Hollywood Way & Buena Vista is NBC & of course Disney Studios on Buena Vista south end at the Ventura 134 freeway. Hope this makes some sense. The good thing is that the ad is seen on the way to the airport!

      • Thanks for the update on the ad’s exact location.

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